goosebumps erupting on arm seductive whisper lust sexy desire illicit intentions sex

What Was Whispered

you whisper your illicit intentions with a hushed growl so quietly into my exposed ear that the party guests at the table couldn't hear your deliciousness but they definitely noticed the goosebumps erupting all over my skin what was whispered? do you want to have a guess... 😘

double ennead sensual erotic romantic art poem love attraction beautiful

Inhale, Pause, Exhale

~ a double ennead ~ Asleep on the mattress You look so perfect So sensual--naked and vulnerable I crawl up next to you Inhale your soul-scent You sigh, your body stirs Pushing into me Your neck aligned - ready for my waiting lips I pause, your fragrance pulls me Towards transcendence I slowly exhale haste … Continue reading Inhale, Pause, Exhale