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  • One Word – Sensual

    One Word – Sensual

    What is one word that describes you? I am a SENSUAL person. I’m not 100% sure that I’m a full-on Sensualist (a person given to the indulgence of the senses or appetites according to, but I definitely am someone that finds they need physical touch (love language #1) and different experiences that stimulate the… Read more

  • Golden Delicious

    Golden Delicious

being painted head to toe 
in luxurious honey 
 [Come inside… stay awhile and dream some more…] Read more

  • Six Word Story – She Looks Upon Me With Hope

    Six Word Story – She Looks Upon Me With Hope

    we are soo fortunate when we find someone who loves us – flaws and all… [Come in and stay awhile…] Read more

  • Wanting More

    Wanting More

    Wanting More – an erotic free-verse poem – Skin to skin / Hearts beating faster / Eyes closed / Senses locked in / Lips touching lips / Bodies pushing together [More…] Read more

  • A Beautiful Mystery

    A Beautiful Mystery

    Sexiness is a beautiful mystery… [Come inside and explore this with me…] Read more

  • In the Currents

    In the Currents

    In the Currents – a romantic “haiku” Waves crash into us [More…] Read more

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