ErosPoetry is all about writing and finding romantic, sensual poetry and quotes. I have always loved poetry and songwriting, the way words connect with the heart, the senses and the emotions. This site is a place to share my journey, in all its glory.

Whether the inspiration is from fact or fiction has never een relevant to me. I think that’s what I love about the romantic and erotic things in life: fantasy never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. For me, it’s about how the words create a different place, moment, feeling, thought.

To my dear lover, I write these thinking of you, as mementos of our journey together. I love you!

My dear friends, I hope as you read these little morsels, that you are stimulated in every way to have a life full of sugar-sweet days and hot, sticky nights.

❤️ B. Wolffe ❤️


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