A Beautiful Mystery

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this idea of sexiness is
a beautiful mystery
just like in baking or cooking
one element on its own –
sugar (well maybe this one
works on its own),
heat – doesn’t
do much to whet our appetite
but when combined by a master
we will salivate and swoon
as we indulge in the
culinary masterpiece

sexiness seems to work
the same way
one element by itself –
a smile that asks
the right questions,
a look that says yes-but
you need to earn it,
a confidence full of
teasing innuendo,
a body that moves in
ways that accentuate eroticism –
will have a certain appeal, but
when combined they make
an ordinary person become
like Eros or Aphrodite

yes – what a beautiful mystery!

Written in response to:
Word of the Day Challenge – Mystery

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