I’m Thinking of You

I'm thinking of you 
you don't know it
but I've been
thinking about
you all morning
and I was
thinking about you
all night last night
lying in bed
thoughts of us
racing through my
daydreaming head

I shouldn't be
thinking of you
right now
here in this
little office cubicle
hidden away in the corner
I should be hard at work
but right now
everything is just hard
and hot
so steamy in my mind

I'm thinking of you
and I can't stop my fingers
touching me
wishing it was you
I hope no one comes in
they might be in
for a surprise
but I'm not ashamed

I'm thinking of you
and the way your lips
kiss me
the way your tongue finds
its way home
time and time again
I'm thinking of you
how we
connected last week
in the shower
suds in all the
needy places
both of us so greedy for
each other's glistening skin
hot water almost running out
we were not water-wise that day

I'm thinking of you
I don't know if I can wait
until I see you next
I think I have to
go wash up in the bathroom
with a very locked door

be back in 10
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