Tangy Delicious


Please be advised this post contains erotic art and graphic words intended for gratifying a mature audience.

This post will also likely view better on the website rather than in the WordPress Reader, but I hope you enjoy it wherever you choose to indulge.

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sexy light blue lingerie curvy butt erospoetry.com lickable

I’m here ready–all tied up
I can taste your pheromones in the air
sexy juicy body heat

facesitting bdsm femdom dominated submissive eating pussy cunnilingus vector art woman's scent pussy erospoetry.com

sweet and tangy delicious
coming pure from the love of my life
let me feast on you all night

Whoever told me adults don’t like to be licked told me a lie… 😘

facesitting dominate bdsm erect penis naked red sheets bed illustration erospoetry.com sexy erotic
mmmmmmmm… yum!
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