Response – Under Your Violet Light


Please be advised this post contains erotic art and graphic words intended for gratifying a mature audience.

This post will also likely view better on the website rather than in the WordPress Reader, but I hope you enjoy it wherever you choose to indulge.

❤️ 🖤 💜 🖤 ❤️

violet word of the day challenge
you see me 
just as I am

as I kneel before you
waiting for your

under your violet light

This is my response to
Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Violet

I hope you like the violet etched version of one of my favorite digital paintings…

violet word of the day challenge
erospoetry signature

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6 thoughts on “Response – Under Your Violet Light

    1. Thanks so much, Sue. ❤️
      I wanted to see how other people had responded to the prompt from the comments on your post but couldn’t click on the pingbacks… I wish you could and it’s a shame you can’t because it feels like it would be so easy.

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