Her Hands

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💙 In memory of my mother 💙

beautiful hands woman mother slender fingers romantic her love erospoetry.com

her hands
a sight to behold
beautiful and bold
fingers slender
skin so fair
elegant and poised
beyond compare

her touch is
a gentle caress
soft and warm
fingers entwined
a loving embrace
a sacred moment
none can deface

her hands
a work of art
crafted with precision
and heart
each crease
each line
tells a story
of love
of life
of joy
and glory

her hands
a symbol of strength
the source of comfort
a guiding light
in times of trouble
a beacon bright

her hands
a wonder to behold
a testament
to beauty untold
may they forever
be a cherished part
of a love that’s pure
a work of art

cropped beautiful hands love woman vector art erospoetry.com
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