Early Morning Glory

romantic beach sunrise couple in love dancing sensual beautiful erospoetry.com

lying on the beach at sunrise
feeling the gentle breeze
hearing the ocean’s sighs
as the golden circle
starts to rise
painting the sky with gold
together we’ll watch
as the day’s plot
starts to unfold

the sun starts to
climb higher
painting the sky with hues
of orange
pink and yellow
it’s a sight to
behold and muse
The water sparkles
like diamonds
as the light hits the waves
And we’re lost in the beauty
that nature so
gracefully engraves

when the sun reaches its peak
we’ll rise from our slumber
Ready to face the day
with joyful intention
and wonder
but for now
let’s stay here
lost in each other’s arms
bathing in the sunrise
with all its glorious charms

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