Kissing Beautiful

sexy handsome man suit tie beautiful woman long blue dress stunning kiss erotic romantic love art sketch kissing

kissing Beautiful
is like licking honey
from the back of a spoon
and addictive
her lips
soft and inviting

as I lean in closer
my heart starts
our lips meet
the clocks stop
no tick
no tock
the world around us
fades away
we are in a vortex
it’s just her and I
lost in space
and time
cocooned within
the emmenant bliss
of our passionate

her breath on my skin
her scent in my nostrils
I’m intoxicated
by her very presence
her touch ignites my body
as we dance together
in this sacred trance

kissing Beautiful
is my dream come true
my wish
my longing
this is a moment
to savor and relish
I hold her close
hoping to never need
to let go
for here in her arms
my soul finds


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