Response – Treasure (I Need You)


Please be advised this post contains erotic art and graphic words intended for gratifying a mature audience.

This post will also likely view better on the website rather than in the WordPress Reader, but I hope you enjoy it wherever you choose to indulge.

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Inspired by the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Treasure

The poem and thought started out nice and sentimental, and then it took a twist and a turn of it’s own until it locked my pen into submission…

sexy cunnilingus facesitting tongue pussy lips art vector art erotica

it’s no use
no matter what I try
no matter where I go
I need you
I need you
looking into my soul
with those dark eyes
full of lusting intent
hands holding ropes
to bind me
to your will

I am lying here
wishing I was looking up
into your perfect
dripping treasure
locked between your legs
close enough to see you
glistening in the
but unable to taste
unless you please
to bend slightly
lower onto my

I look up and
all I see is the roof
slight shadows around the
room that yesterday
burned with ferocity

where are you
my Lady
where are you



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2 thoughts on “Response – Treasure (I Need You)

    1. Thanks for the prompt, Sue. It certainly got my mind ticking as soon as I read it. ❤️ I’m not sure if WordPress will sort it. It’s because the poem is written in the “cover” but every time I view cover poems in Reader, it seems to show up different.

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