As We Dive Into the Fire


Please be advised this post contains erotic art and graphic words intended for gratifying a mature audience.

This post will also likely view better on the website rather than in the WordPress Reader, but I hope you enjoy it wherever you choose to indulge.

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~ an assonance poem ~

lovers dancing erotica erospoetry moonlight

as we dive
into the fire
dancing in the moonlight
samba on the wire
our lips collide
tongues entwine
taste of wine
no urge denied
our lust revived
yours am I
and you are mine
destiny’s design
this moment in time
neon sign
the choir bell chimes
I walk your line
climb the vine
trace your spine
you grind
well primed
against my thigh
we fly
lover’s sigh
never say why
no money can buy
this piece of sky
we are alive
no sense deprived
we arrive
yet we still dive
into the fire

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