She Waits

she waits
patiently hoping
he will make a move
prove that he wants her
needs her with him
every time he’s near
she wants his hands
running through the strands
of her silky hair
but does he care for her
how she cares for him
will he ever swim in her seas
take her knees and push them wide
hide himself inside her
until all the storms pass over
and they are alone
in her little home

still she waits
yearning for him immensely
watching him intently
she wonders if it’s all
just in her head
every word a trigger
everything he does a question
a suggestion
will it ever happen
the way she dreams at night
the very sight of him
amakes her spin and twirl
her toes curl in bed every time
he enters her mind
is he so blind
that he can’t
see her
be with her
still she waits
she waits

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