That Look

I love the look
that comes
across your face
when you know I am
by you
and what you are
doing to me


Mmmmmmhmmmmm… yes!


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4 thoughts on “That Look

  1. I too know that look… the look that causes words to slow down, and hesitantly seek to follow… the look that causes the heart to beat faster… the look that never falters in its intensity… the look that… well… later… much… much later… you are told, that you too had that look…!

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  2. Awesome poem/post!! And so true! Love the photo and the beguiling smile! You might also want to explore – the power of the eyes! The long, lingering – no blink stare between a man and a woman – 7 seconds of an uninterrupted “stare”/gaze. Try using this on people and you will find that they all – men and women – will look away. This leaves the one who didn’t in the “Power Position”. Look into the eyes of a woman you want to seduce for 7 seconds and if she doesn’t look away – the answer is “Yes”.

    You might enjoy my poem – Her Eyes. Check out the quotes at the end.

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