I Never Want To…

I never want to
feel the expected loneliness
I see
in other couples
that have
been together
for a long time

I never want to
assume that I know
all there is
to know about you

I never want to
make you feel lonely
and isolated
living under the same roof

I never want you to seek
someone else’s company
because I make you feel lonely

I never want to
be taken for granted
or take you for granted
tastebuds change
as we grow
and so do we sometimes
sometimes the changes
happen so slow
we don’t recognise it
but it’s there
and it’s okay
if we embrace it

how can we cultivate
a life of intimate connectedness
every day
without getting on
each other’s nerves
by being too
“in your face
you’re not giving me space”

how can we share
life’s wonders
til death do us part
as we promised we would

I never want to
lose you

I never want to
be lost


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