Black Widow


Please be advised this post contains erotic art and graphic words intended for gratifying a mature audience.

This post will also likely view better on the website rather than in the WordPress Reader, but I hope you enjoy it wherever you choose to indulge.

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black widow seduction kiss spider bite

my friends call me crazy
out of my mind
to be here with you

you have a reputation
for being a black widow
teasing your lover
luring him close
fucking him senseless
then discarding his corpse
while he still craves more

am I seeing something
that isn’t there
I don’t care
I am caught in your
marrow-sucking lips
and I swear
if I died right now
all is fine with the world

maybe you’ll let me live
maybe I’ll feel the poison
in your lust-bite
and I will fall asleep
within an orgasmic bliss bomb

time is now both friend and foe
which way will this web twist
if I stay I know I’m at risk
if I go
I’ll never taste another
forbidden kiss

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