Moonlit Escapades

sleep beautiful and dream of us, my love…
sleep beautiful and dream of us, my love…

there’s something beautiful

about lying with your sleeping lover

feeling their chest rise

up and down

up and down

knowing they are totally safe

with you there

watching over them


sometimes you feel them dreaming

you wonder what they are dreaming of

is it fun






and then you wonder

am I in their dream

making them happy


sometimes I imagine

sending myself into my lover’s dream

sometimes as me

sometimes in a mask

how many ways can we




(yes, in a dream I can dance)


be romantic

how many different ways

can we play


eventually I feel myself drifting off

so I give my lover

one final kiss goodnight

and let them live their nocturnal fantasies

and in the morning I can’t wait to hear of

my lover’s moonlit escapades


… sweet dreams my love …

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