12am New Year’s Eve

BOOM!!! “Happy New Year!”

color and light above us, surrounding us

smiles and laughter in the distance

hearing other apartments

celebrating as they watch

fireworks bursting through the sky

I reach for you

beautiful as ever–

even more so in your stunning black dress

You reach for me too

grab me and plant a huge kiss on my lips

Happy New Year, we say

and we can’t let go

the kiss can’t stop

we feel the fireworks in our touch

you move in even closer

the beat feels so good as we

dance soft and slow

making every moment count

feeling every touch

watching the fireworks explode

all I can visualise is us

hot and sweaty

locked together

fucking each other’s brains out

until we erupt

with orgasmic bliss

all over each other


what’s a picture

what a thought

I wonder if you’re thinking that too

sometimes I know your mind is as

sex-charged as mine


while I’m pressing up

hard against your softness

I ask

what do you think about when you

watch the fireworks?

your lips parting mine to

thrust your tongue into my mouth

gives me a delicious wordless hint

of your answer…


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