Trail of Kisses

I want to mark a trail of kisses along your skin,
starting from the tips of your slender fingers
to the tips of your perfectly succulent toes.

I confess that I may get slightly distracted
along the way – so many wonderful
views to behold, experiences to share
and delicacies to taste. I may get
lost in your beauty, so I need to
ensure the trail stays fresh, ready
for my return trip. I’ve heard stories
of others who have taken a similar
journey to the one I’m about to undertake.
They said the adventure was so incredible,
so intense, so all-consuming, that they
have spent years devoting their time and
energy to the trail, and every time they
return, they discover something new.

So my love, are you ready? I’m ready to
devote my life to your trail, and I can’t wait
to begin my quest, my romantic exploration
of your beauty, your aroma, your soul, your
joys, your triumphs, your insecurities, your hidden
treasures, your intimate fantasies and your
deepest desires. I can’t wait, I’m so excited!

Are there any special places you would like me to
linger? Perhaps set up camp and spend the night?
If there are, just let me know. I’m in no rush to get
to a destination. My only destination is our
enjoyment and spending time getting to know you
and how I can bring you pure, undiluted pleasure.

Lie down, my darling. Make yourself comfortable.
You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met,
and I want to spend my life trying to show you
all the things that make you so amazing.
I love you, I adore you and I hope that as
I embark on this trail with you, that we will
share this journey until death do us part.
And now… all I can think about is kissing
you… and enjoying this adventure together.


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