Irresistible Moment


Irresistible Moment

– an erotic free-verse musing on those exotic moments lovers share in their sanctuary –

I couldn’t believe it
when you leaned in and whispered
I need you to

tie me up and make me cum
with your lips
and with your tongue
as you pressed a length
of rope into my hand
and led me to our
secret chamber

while kissing me
you curved onto the bed and
stretched up your arms
with an eager smile
I carefully tied
the rope around your
wrists feeling the fibres
press into your skin
then I slowly bind you to
the bedpost making sure that
as I take my time you
can see those parts of me that
make you moan

leaning over you
I seal the knot with a kiss
and carefully lick the tip
of your middle finger
just enough that you feel the wet
you squirm with a giggle

inch by inch I descend
fingers to hands
hands to wrists
wrists to arms
arms to shoulders
shoulders to neck
and I nuzzle kisses deep
from gentle to groan-inducing
bites leaving marks

I can’t venture this close and
not enjoy your mouth
or can I
I hover close so you can
feel my breath
you lift in need
I pull back in tease
my hand trails down and you
shiver tremble sigh
I suddenly lock onto your lips
as I feel your need on my hand
we collide with exhilaration
lips locking ferocious
tongues frantically wrestling

I lift and your head stays frozen
closed eyes and jaw slightly ajar
as if your breath was stolen

I continue on my way
to where you requested
one hand on each side
careful to look but not touch
my face an inch from your chest
pursing my lips
I let out a steady string of air
I see goosebumps
make there presence known

I hook my finger between
your skin
and your revealing unders
and slowly pull down
side to side
until your beautiful is finally
free of its prison
wow how ready you are
oh my how I love this sight

for a minute I sit back and
marvel at your magnificence
you are the reason
I know there must be a Creator
someone this incredible
can’t be a cosmic accident

I take sixteen mental snapshots for
enjoying at a later date
and as my blush increases I catch your eye
you can see exactly how turned on I am
and we both exchange smiles

with a satisfied smile
I curl my fingers
onto your knees
slowly widen the space
ready to receive my face

I trail my hand from your knee
up your inner thigh
to the line between your leg
and your perfection
then I slowly repeat the trail
with my tongue
knowing how much it would tickle
knowing full-well you were powerless
to stop the pleasure
your leg tries to withdraw
so I punish it with a bite
you scream in shock
but accept the consequence
with humble grace
I kiss the bite to make it feel better
and further my venture
towards your secret

at this point I am overwhelmed
your sexy fragrance is sweet
sultry and intoxicating
I almost come right there and then
from the pheromone mist secreted
heaven between your legs

I kiss your and mark the spot with an xxx
yes I’ve found your treasure
and I won’t let any other steal it

I enjoy the power
of your surrender to me
the thought that you feel totally safe
in our hidden sanctuary
made for exquisite opportunities
to explore each other’s
needs wants and fantasies

I love watching you as you’re
completely absorbed in the passion
your body completely
immersed in what I’m doing
to your body

our senses are aligned
I feel every writhing
motion in your pelvis
I hear every shallow breath
every moan and sigh
as my mouth gives you
I hear conscious and sub-conscious
telling me
don’t stop
yes, right there
and then there’s the moment

my heart races
when our eyes meet and my face is
full of your goodness
and then as I watch them roll back
in ecstatic endorsement
as your head drops to the pillow
I can’t hinder the triumphant smile
that invades my consciousness

there’s something so satisfying
about being in control
of those final moments
before your eruption

I am the wings that let you fly

I feel you try
to pull me deeper in and
everything tenses
you hold your breath for
what feels like eternity and…

I marvel at your overflow
torrents bursting into our aura
guttural pleas of bliss
and gratitude burst from your being
and when our eyes connect I know
how deep our love has become


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