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As We Dive Into the Fire

~ an assonance poem ~ as we dive into the fire dancing in the moonlightsamba on the wire our lips collide tongues entwine taste of wine no urge deniedour lust revived yours am I and you are mine destiny's design this moment in time neon sign the choir bell chimesI walk your line climb the … Continue reading As We Dive Into the Fire

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Your Queen

you lie there ready waiting looking up at my perfectly shaped body breasts perking nipples hard and aching for pleasure I stand over you hips swinging slightly revealing my glistening eager folds you so desperately want poised to envelop ready to engulf you assume ascendancy I tell you to you call me your queen and … Continue reading Your Queen

beautiful woman emerging from ovean waves vector art sensual love

My Ocean

you are the waves 
crashing into the rocks 
full of passionate vigour 
exploding with life and power 
I cannot control you 
you cannot be contained 
untamed and beautiful 
yet you still crash into me 
instead of finding other shores 
you are a mystery 
and I am humbled